Why the iPhone 14 Pro will be PERFECT! (New Leaks)

Why the iPhone 14 Pro will be PERFECT! (New Leaks)

When Steve Jobs created the iPhone, he always dreamed of the PERFECT iPhone.. and recent leaks are pointing to the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro to finally live up to the dream..
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In this video, we discuss the latest leaks and rumors concerning Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14, including the entire lineup we should expect, the pricing, the features, the design changes, and much more!

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Timestamps ⬇️
iPhone 14 New Leaks & Rumors – 00:00
Four new models in the iPhone 14 lineup – 0:33
What about the iPhone 14 mini? – 1:34
How will Apple differentiate the Pro models? – 2:00
What about under-display Touch ID? – 2:24
iPhone 14 Pro new Hole-punch display – 3:09
What other design changes should we expect? – 4:03
What the new protruded glass means for features – 4:43
The only part I disagree with Jon Prosser about – 5:58
FINALLY a full main camera redesign – 6:40
Apple’s Solution for proper 8K Video recording – 8:24
Deep dive into the A16 Bionic chip architecture – 9:24
Apple’s secret trick up their sleeve for the A16 – 11:02
A few more important details about the iPhone 14 features – 12:39
Why Apple is gonna try to push Pro model sales next year – 13:19
Apple is about to raise their iPhone prices.. – 13:47
Should you wait for the iPhone 14 or buy the 13 now? – 14:10

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36 Replies to “Why the iPhone 14 Pro will be PERFECT! (New Leaks)”

  1. Do you agree with my thoughts on the camera bump design? What about the price increase? Comment below!
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  2. For me to upgrade from my well functioning 6s plus, they need at least to make the background cameras in order. Not like kitchen heats.

  3. Apple is so far behind Samsung and all other android phones what the fuck is apple waiting on put the under the screen finger print scanner on iPhone and add functional widgets

  4. I hope the titanium rumors are true for the Pro series. I want a Max phone but I also don't want it to be as heavy as the 13 Pro Max.

  5. If the iPhone 14 Pro has Lightning, I’ll buy it. If not, I will get a 13 Pro as soon as I can. My laptop doesn’t have USB type C.

  6. I’m so undecided rn I currently have a 11 and I was considering upgrading to the 13 Pro Max but I kinda wanna just wait to the 14 Pro Max comes out but it’s months away from now 🙁

  7. I’m still rocking my iPhone 12, its battery still impresses me because it lasts me as early as 6am to 8pm on moderate use

  8. if any of these rumours are true, then iPhone 14 will go down as the worst iPhone ever.
    hole punch is a bit meh to me, but having the camera flush like that is definitely super ugly.

  9. will never be perfect because one its not possible and 2 if they made it perfect they would never need to make another iphone

  10. “the new iPhone is going to be the best iPhone eve” duh
    Every year I heard the same frase and to be honest the changes are insignificant from the old phone.

  11. Nope. I don't believe any of this. The notch is here to stay. As far as the hole punch goes….I think they are just weeding out the leakers by having multiple designs in different departments so that way they can narrow down where the leaks are coming from.

    By the way, I love the NOTCH!

  12. The iPhone mini is the best phone for me. I hate the big screens in my pockets. It’s sad apple are dropping mini in the 14

  13. No way apple can somehow cram all three sensors for Face ID into one. There wont be a hole punch design for sure, even for the Pro's

  14. If I can install YouTube vanced and have no notch, headphone jack, SD card then it will be perfect…if not then it's just another over priced phone….if I'm obsessed with a camera, I rather have a pro camera that actually takes natural pictures with out computational crap

  15. Hope these are true but I desperately wanted in display finger print sensor .apple has become worst company in recent years with no innovation.even if next year has good features I don't think so they do innovate every year again we hve to wait atleast 5 years for complete new features

  16. All Apple users are duped. Why does your heading labelled …. "Why the iPhone 14 Pro will be PERFECT!" NOTHING on this planet is PERFECT! All things invented and made by man is always defect, always needing repairs. Do you think Apple are NOT going to bring out iPhone 15???? If you answer yes to that then that makes the iPhone 14 Pro defective. Get a life outside of your doctrine.

  17. Ah yes, everything present on $400 phones coming to $1000 phones will make iphone 14 "perfect", revolutionary and totally worth a price hike.

  18. The only things that can make me think of replacing my 13 Pro with a new model: less weight, notch removal, thinner bezel. But actually there's virtually nothing to complain about, these are all quibbles.

  19. I’m going to get the iPhone 14 and. Apple Watch series 7 and 8 plus se second edition. And rugged explore edition. And other stuff. I collect electronic stuff. I like it. Thanks man. I’m Andrew

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