3 Replies to “[ Văn Hiên ] [211225] LỄ TRAO GIẢI ÂM NHẠC HẰNG NĂM CCTV”

  1. Definetly there is something in between Yaxuan and Yaowen, and Zhenyuan is in the middle all the time. If Yaxuan interacts with Zhenyuan, Yaowen got jealus. If Yaowen interacts with Zhenyuan, Yaxuan got super jealus! Ahahah lol, they are awesome pals, super talented and great personality! Poor Zhenyuan because he interacts with Junlin, Haoxian got jealous too, if Zhenyuan interacts with Jiaqi, Chengxin got jealus too! He has no partner ahaha lol. That is why I say ZiYi should be in TNT, 8 is not a big number, four hyungs and four maknaes!

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