Oppo A53 Review | Still one of the best budget phones in 2021

Oppo A53 Review | Still one of the best budget phones in 2021

Reviewing the Oppo A53, one of the best value sub-£200 budget smartphones in early 2021. With its price dropping to just £150, this phone is a strong rival to the Poco M3, Moto G9 Power and other affordable Androids. However, the Oppo A53’s camera and performance proved superior to those budget blowers in my week of testing. This is one of my favourite cheap options right now – check out my round-up of the greatest budget smartphones in 2021 for more ideas!

One of the few disadvantages of this mobile is the old software – it’s still stuck on Android 10 and ColorOS 7. The display is only HD+ and that 90Hz refresh doesn’t seem to be as effective as some rivals. However, those grumbles aside, the Oppo A53 is fantastic.

The triple lens camera can capably capture good looking photos as long as the light doesn’t get too low, including respectable home movies. Performance is smooth and gaming on PubG and Call of Duty is perfectly possible. While the battery life is absolutely stellar, matching the Moto G9 Power and Poco M3.

So that’s my review of the Oppo A53, check back for more on the greatest budget handsets of 2021!


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  1. I have this one with a sd 665 processor and let me tell you this is really good for the price it is offered. Camera does a manageable job in daylight and battery is superb, yes getting a 2 day battery life with decent use. Overall a great smartphone for buget buyers. You can totally use this as your daily driver.

  2. Hi My Samsung a40 is dying on me I just want a half descent phone up to £150, would you suggest this?? or the A12 or the nokia you mentioned in the a12 video- please help! would be appreciated!

  3. Please I'd be honoured if you could answer this question @techspurt I'm in two minds do I buy the nokia 5.3 or go with the oppo a53 I swear I cant choose could anyone help me in making a choice. Peace n love to you all Dues

  4. Great video and a great in depth review keep up the good work buddy👍 I bought this phone based on this review and another video test. I had a £80 Motorola e6 before this and used that to make YouTube videos and edit them, and so far my view of the oppo A53 is if you need a good camera don't even bother! Brutal I know but my Motorola got clearer less noisy videos. My partner has a oppo A94 great phone and I got my nan a oppo A15 the A15 camera actually seems mildly better. I accept I have made a mistake in this phone and will probably be going back to a Motorola, the sound from the Oppo A53 is good for the money I would say and seems to work ok but like I say if you want a good camera look elsewhere..

  5. Bought this phone because of THIS review! Big ups mate! Also, update for you, after setting up my phone I recieved a notification saying that there is an update to Android 11 and ColorOS 11. Not much difference but it works amazingly!!!

  6. Can I ask for advice ? Currently I have Honor9X but I can upgrade and because I don't like iphones and samsung I think about oppo A53. Or I can stay with my honor .What you think is best choice? Thank you.

  7. This guy is spot on , these put the Samsung A02s to bed, these are fast , and you even get amazing headphones , THIS WILL BE XMAS 2021 BEST SELLER , I'm not just saying it ,I've had Samsung forever , this is better than my daughter's s9 Galaxy , If ya in the UK buy NOW ,Argos are selling these as fast as they arrive, the only thing ,not that you'll notice it , Auto redial is a LOST ,not there anymore feature on Android 11, if anyone knows any Android 11 with auto redial it's been rooted

  8. Cool videos. I’m toying between the A53 and the A72. Both look decent enough. Battery life and a Micro SD slot probably the biggest appeal to me.

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