iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!

iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!

iPhone 13 improves the 3 most important parts of a smartphone.
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40 Replies to “iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!”

  1. I have a Galaxy S8 and trying to decide whether to get a Pixel 6 or iPhone 13 mini. I love the design of the 13, but I don't know if I want to switch to IOS. SOMEONE HALP ME

  2. I got robbed and my brand new 12 pro is gone now and I received a 13 as a gift. I expected to hate the camera as it has no zoom and to hate the feel as it’s different material but I honestly like it still. The front camera seems kinda better ?! Battery is awesome!!!

  3. I just changed from the iPhone X to the 13. The experience is the same. The difference is now the battery can last the whole day, the camera is a little better, squarish edge instead of roundish. Thats about it. Everything else is pretty much the same.

  4. But it's more expensive. It's not like you're getting a better phone than last year for the same price. This isn't real progress.

  5. I upgraded the 6s to the 13, mainly cause it was a backup phone for business. The operating system surprisingly is still very similar to my iphone 6s so still very familiar, obviously, there is a lack of a physical home button, I do wish there was a fingerprint scanner, cannot understand why there is not. Overall good solid phone, fast, good camera and does what it is meant to do.

  6. What a waste of money again, a Crapple is a Crapple junk, slow it has a good camera … that’s it .. the voice to txt is ridiculous stupid the Phonics system hasn’t been upgraded at all.. still the same ridiculous cut and paste system…. If you purchase this phone you’re wasting your money

  7. I’m planning to upgrade because my storage is almost full. I tried to delete stuffs but I’m reaching the limit again and nothing unimportant to delete anymore

  8. Pros are toooo expensive, the less better screen is sad but i dont need the features of the pros so I stick with the standard version as always. I really like the 13!

  9. should i get iphone 13 mini and airpods pro or should i get the normal iphone 13 without the airpods pro

  10. Just went from an I phone 8 to the 13. I'm very happy with the new phone, it's awesome. Plus I didn't have to pay much because I waited so long to use my upgrade. Great review!

  11. Not being hateful but at the end of the day what's the difference between the iPhone 12, 12 pro max or am I being dumb

  12. I still have a iPhone 8 and want the newest iPhone for Christmas but I’m scared it will be completely different

  13. can someone explain to me please, why this phone has 4gb of ram while cheaper phones have 8gb? shouldn't that make a difference? Let's say for instance oneplus 9, has 8gb of ram.
    Also, is someone able to tell the refresh rate of this iphone? im looking for a 120hz display. Thank you.

  14. last iphone I had was a 4s after that I went with a huawei p20 pro. Since this one broke recently I just ordered my iphone 13 since Apple seemed to be worth the cost again. From 5 to 8 it seemed to lack behind competitors. Since X I considered getting one again and now my old one is dying I think I made the right choice. Also upgraded my acer i7 to a M1 Air and couldnt be happier so this seems to be the right time for this change.

  15. I think for the lockscreen security system, Apple could bringing the touchID sensor in the corner of the lock button which is that same features like on the iPad Air/ iPad Mini rather than making a touchID underneaththe d

  16. This video was so helpful! My last phone was the 8 Plus and I got the new 13 yesterday and this helped me so much figure out what’s new from my last phone!

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