iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA

iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA

iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA
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🕐 00:00 Intro
🕐 00:24 Most obvious difference
🕐 02:33 The 3th telephoto lens
🕐 04:17 Pro Motion
🕐 06:14 Battery life
🕐 08:05 The size
🕐 09:07 Conclusion

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41 Replies to “iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA”

  1. I do use the ultrawide sometimes but much preferred the combo on my Pixel 4XL and iPhone XS Max of 2x telephoto for exactly the reason you said. It helps me get photos of my now 2 year old without disturbing her so I ended up 13 Pro Max as may as well accept one one handed usage if don’t get the mini!

  2. As an admirer of compact phones and a user for iPhone 12 mini for about 7 months, the video pretty much sums up all of my thoughts regarding the future lineup of iPhones. However I wouldn’t agree to sacrifice the wide angle camera, although I’m not an active user of cameras in general. But the beauty of wide angle is just priceless and frankly I don’t mind to get closer to the object a little further tbh. But larger battery is the only handicap that there is for me in mini series. I’m a light-middle user myself and even though it’s charged super super fast I really would wish sometimes that it doesn’t deteriorate that quickly. But everything comes with a price, still in love with my phone and all of its capabilities. Hope that apple would keep producing compact form factors at the future.

  3. Going from an iPhone Max to an iPhone just seems almost impossible for me lol! A friend of mine has one and every time I hold it, I get weirded out 😂 He loves it though!

  4. People ask me why didn’t I cough up the extra for the pro max for an upgrade. It’s not about pricing at all. My mini with upgraded storage and unlocked from apple basically costs the same as one and I don’t regret it at all. Some of us just prefer the smaller form factor. I for one would gladly pay more than the pro max for one if the mini did cost more.

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to Uniqe – paused your video while I shapped midnight blue case for my iPhone 12 Mini – 25$ incl shipping to Denmark 🤓 And agree – an 12/13/14 Pro Mini would make my swap asap.

  6. I think you missed the ProRes 4k feature for 256gb Pro models. After a month-long debate with myself and watching countless videos, I just bought the 13 Pro over the mini for the telephoto lens, macro capability and ProRes. If only there was a mini pro indeed!
    Excellent presentation and kept me watching until the end. Very well done!

  7. WOWWW!!! Those b-roll shots!!! I got the Pixel 6 and I actually really miss the telephoto lens from the 13 pro… Yaaa ProMotion is a huge deal especially for a phone! I really hope Apple brings at least 90hz to the non-pro iphones! For me the 13 Pro is the perfect size but it seems like everyone likes the mini variant! Awesome video Iskren! 😁

  8. I’d take your iPhone mini pro but I’d still have the cameras diagonal. Promotion would be nice on that small screen and bigger battery

  9. 13 mini and regular 13 are the best, rest are overpriced. same processor same design, why pay more.
    telephoto camera only kicks in if you zoom to its lenght, aside that any other zoom is digital, and it still looks good. promotion is overrated, most people wouldnt tell a difference.

  10. Glad to know I'm not the only one with the idea of an iPhone Pro Mini. Thanks for articulating my thoughts, E. Amazing video as always!

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