BTS Performs 'Dope': Exclusive | Billboard

BTS Performs 'Dope': Exclusive | Billboard

BTS Performs ‘Dope’ for Billboard.

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23 Replies to “BTS Performs 'Dope': Exclusive | Billboard”

  1. I know people get pissed if BTS is mentioned on *any other artist’s * page. When I was new army, I didn’t know about the mistake. Not sure I cared because I think BTS has some of the best choreography in K-pop. That’s on period, and people need to understand. BTS did not get as big as they are based on a fluke. These are talented and “different”. I’ve never heard music so pleasing. These are 7 boys who love music, and they want to give it to us. Although I’m a true multistan, ARMY was my first fandom, and I’m proud of that.

  2. I never knew..that this performance was existed..but Today I discovered it!!Happy for Myself..For watching this 'Masterpiece'!!

  3. These performances are proof that bts songs were always successful, it's just that Korean media had shadow banned them.

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