18 Replies to “Billboard Hot 100 – Top 50 Singles (11/20/2021)”

  1. lol i'm looking for a song whose words i couldn't catch, not even remotely.
    It's being used on every video on twitter. It's like when you have a mic-drop moment & the character in the video has done something awesome, something like big W.

  2. Smokin Out the Window deserves to go higher. Hope to see the rest of their album get some love on next week's chart =)

  3. I appreciate I'm very out of touch, but I'm still slightly surprised to see someone take over the chart like that and I have never heard of them.

  4. Uhhhh. Why is 'Ghost' still dropping? Adele's yodeling is annoying. 'Stay' should still be number 1. Some woman with big hips, lips, and t!ts is beating the crap out of the bottom 50. Why?
    ~~Fix this before Christmas~~

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