Billboard accused BTS of chart manipulation? Leader RM shut it down!

Billboard accused BTS of chart manipulation? Leader RM shut it down!

Billboard accused BTS of chart manipulation? Leader RM shut it down!

Yesterday, Billboard released an exclusive interview with BTS members. However, this article quickly caught fans’ attention with a question regarding the accusation of music chart manipulation. At the moment, the hashtag #BillboardApologizetoBTS is also trending worldwide on Twitter to demand Billboard’s official apology for BTS.

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40 Replies to “Billboard accused BTS of chart manipulation? Leader RM shut it down!”

  1. I think it's saying that bts songs had mostly sales to maintain its position so many more popular songs than butter didn't reach number one like levitating which was obviously bigger than butter atleast in the us . I think it's to say that only fans have kept it at top and the gp really doesn't pay attention to the song seeing how it had lowest streams than any song in the top 20

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work and update. You have pointed out some things I didn't even think of about racism. I am from America and around those that will not listen or watch k-pop. They are not bad people and have a right to like what they like but the reasons for not border lines racism in one way or another. Do people know how much they would have to buy just to make a dent in the BB charts? funny just today i went on BTS YouTube channel to see how many subscribers they had and I was blown away. 61 million subscribers. I thought stray kids were doing great with 8 million, but 61 million fans and not every fan is a YouTube subscriber. This means BTS has over 61 million fans world wide. I know that Arm or BTS has anything directly to do with manipulating BB charts. People are scared of what they don't know and looking for an answer they can live with even if its wrong. And there is still a lot of traditional old thinking people who don't want to recognize or believe that a foreign boy group can win more than a western artist. hahahaha Pie in their face, baby… Cuz BTS is a force you can't see and they come with an ARMY❣ 😀💜

  3. The 27% (and the highest percent of ages) are ARMYs from 21-27 years old! Stop continuing with "facts" that are NO TRUE.And if you want to know the rest, It keeps on the list BETWEEN adults from 39-50 years old AND FINALLY teenagers…

  4. So, you see 3/4 of ARMY are full blown adults with professions and NOT living as students with their parents. Now, If you will excuse me..I;m going to the store, in my Hyundai careful not to use my Samsung cell whilst I drive, and pick up some wine. Oh yes and for those college students that are still living at their parents house this is what they are being taught…the American ones anyway: Its a few years old, since then Harvard has picked BTS up as well:

  5. I am sick of this litterally this happens like in every 3-4 months.
    Armys like me and you are declared bots and the boys are accused of immoral practices. I cannot bear to see this anymore.
    We are here streaming their music to only end up people questioning the boys about their success. I just want these people to shut up about this chart manipulation bullshit until there is some sort of proof against the them.

  6. ARMY!!! Lets spread this!!! Lets the world know the power of ARMY & BTS!!! *mention any superstars who will defend their fans, as protective as BTS! Is there any??? The world still not ready that, there s FANDOM, named ARMY, that literally will do anything to their beloved ones : BTS!

  7. It's true. The Kpop idols get shorter every year cause Kpop cheated by doing deal with the Devil for fame and success!

  8. Stfu just because blackpink doesn't have so much likes and views and awards like blackpink you don't have the right to keep saying SHIT

  9. I'm not even their fan
    But let them do whatever they want
    Good or bad
    I just don't care
    The truth will reveal itself when it's time

  10. It's the 4 Mahatma Gandhi stages: First they ignore Kpop and Kdrama, then they laugh at Kpop and Kdrama, then they fight Kpop and Kdrama, then the Kpop and Kdrama either wins or loses.

  11. 0:08 Dogs always have barked at cars as long as there have been cars. The question has always been the same as well: Is it a normal person driving the car or was the car cheating.

  12. Isn't funny and ridiculous how this world have become when suppprt becomes/interpreted as manipulation? 😂😂
    Billboard, if you have a problem with this amount of sales, it's your damn chart. Have some balls and dare to do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to change which weighs more, just fucking do it.
    Don't try to chase fans who's supporting their favorite artist just because they are strategic and wise to figure out what they can do to support and bring their favorites to no.1.
    And to all other people questioning it, ask any artists around the world, ask them what they would prefer, fans buying downloads or getting streams? Ya'll be shocked with the realities on how streaming is not really financially benefitting any artists. Even Mariah Carey herself admits streams doesn't really pay much.

  13. They have the audicity to ask that stupid question to bts yet they can't ask to any other US ARTIST'S THIS KIND OF AF QUESTIONS!! BILLBOARD TSSK TSSK! INDEED RACISM. HANDS DOWN TO YOU RM for giving a good and powerful feedback. 👏💪

  14. AAPI people wondering why their own government doesn't believe people from their origin continent can succeed.

  15. Huh? What? Billboard bashes BTS, while at the same time profiting from putting them in their magazine, website, and videos. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. 🤷‍♀️

  16. but most of the ARMY's are in their 20s tho, the amount of teenagers is small comapred to the number of adults who have jobs and are living a life using their own money. My auntie and uncles are fans and gifted us posters of them because we couldn't buy one ourselves.

  17. Just because they're a korean band they're subjected to such allegations how shitty of billboard to accuse them for chart manipulations

  18. Billboard: "BTS are space aliens to the chart who are chart manipulating like the Latin American article says."

    Some people: "Then they find out Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam and the Marshall Islands are in the Asia-Pacific region! Tahiti, Bora Bora, Easter Island, Australia and New Zealand also. And didn't the US fight in not just the Vietnam War and WW2 but also the Korean War?"

  19. ❣️RM: “When you believe rather than doubt, and carry yourself with confidence but not conceit, you captivate the eyes and ears of thousands and touch their hearts from the stage.” 🌟💜
    All the ‘anti’s’ need to read that line, then read it again and AGAIN if you’re slow. 🤤 If you get nothing from those words, your mind is dark & closed. You live in perpetual hate & we pity you. 💜

  20. Man,,whatever it takes to get on top,it's the company rights.There's no boundaries in bussiness.Only heaven knows who the real ARMY is,whether a person or a system.BigHits musics are cool and great.really deserved to represent Asia in global success


  22. I expected this. Cuz some arrogant people in the West never want another race to make their place in their industry. Exactly what was happening in the Oscars until parasite win. But whatever happens even being not an army I will keep following and supporting BTS. As RM said don't attend any more events in the West cuz we saw how they treated the boys like fools in most of the interviews other than James cordon and a few. For the real armies abroad BTS should do tours and boycott those shows which showcases the boys as comedians. From the start itself I knew this day would come. I have seen other artist in various industries in the West face the same. Just like how the tabloids are after priyanka from India for making it big in Hollywood. They just can't tolerate outsiders. It's time to show them that we don't sit on a table where respect is not served. Whole of Asia and other real armies all around the globe stands with BTS.

  23. The fact that they assume their fanbase is a bunch of teenagers. No! A large majority of their fans are adults with jobs who can appreciate the positive music and support them. Even if the fandom does contain children and teenagers, teenagers can also work, and parents don't object to buying albums for their kids because it's not obscene, vulgar, or laced with bad words. Parents support BTS as much as their kids because of their positive influence. It also helps that their children are open to learning about a different culture and language. Justin Bieber had a majority teen fan base when he started and no one questioned his sales. It's clear that Billboard is prejudicial, and bordering on racist

  24. What is the all the noise? Everyone know BTS fans manipulates the chart. If they complain, they should change the rules then .

  25. I just hope for the day when BTS will be above of these charts and Billboard will be in the road side crying for them..We all should change the point of view to be the best.. Billboard is gonna be out of scene

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