♡Unboxing Lisa 리사 1st Single Album LALISA 라리사 (Black & Gold Ver.)♡

♡Unboxing Lisa 리사 1st Single Album LALISA 라리사 (Black & Gold Ver.)♡

Queen Lisa has made her solo debut! This album comes with a CD, photobook, …


41 Replies to “♡Unboxing Lisa 리사 1st Single Album LALISA 라리사 (Black & Gold Ver.)♡”

  1. Rosé's album was amazing, it's definitely my favorite solo. Lisa and Jennie (specially Jennie) deserved better 🙁

  2. my wish for my b-day is one Lalisa album,
    I am the happiest person in the world when I receive the lalisa album, it will give me more motivation to study hard. I am very grateful to the person who will give it to me….Hoping🤞♡︎

  3. Everyone is getting made at YG but he isn’t the one who made and they let lisa make her own ideas if y’all watch it on her Chanel called “LILI’S FILM” y’all will know that they let her make it so don’t at YG and Lisa it’s really there choice to do whatever they like so again don’t hate or say mean things about YG or Lisa and they people who help her to make this Master piece and don’t for me for defending him and Lisa and I want to talk about LAISA and MONEY they were really good I like how they did LALISA M/V it is bad ass (like Lisa herself) I can’t wait for jisoo solo too!!!

  4. The gold ver has to be my fav album out of their solos, but the songs were a bit too underwhelming for me to buy the album.

  5. I bought mine Gold version of LALISA. And I didn’t got the Golden Ticket. Has anyone got them? I’ve been looking around YouTube unboxing of LALISA but have not seen them.

  6. The album is so pretty, like REALLY pretty. I just got mine and it is beautiful 💕so well made🥺❤️

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